without monitoring, you do not really control your infrastructure


At Dexor, we are more than convinced that having your own monitoring system is a must-have for all types of businesses

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Features of Monitoring

  • Timely notification by your preferred channel
  • Ability to make a real-time performance analysis of your services
  • Identify trends in visualised charts on your key performance indicators
  • Alert on any system event on your network
  • Periodical reports of the availability of services
  • Flexible configuration for all types of infrastructures
Business advantages

Monitoring gives you

On the example of icinga2 for monitoring of IT infrastructure we can show you which undeniable advantages you may get:

  • Improve the availability and use of the company’s hardware and software
  • Prevent the occurrence of incidents and allows them to be detected more quickly when they have occurred
  • Increase the reputation of the company as well as customer service
  • Save time for the control over the system functionality
  • Enjoy higher flexibility and adaptability of the system
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monitoring of the infrastructure


Dexor has set out to expand its partnership with Icinga, which is being actively developed by the open-source community. We have been an official partner of Icinga since 2018.

Icinga2 is an open-source monitoring system whose current version offers many new features and improvements over Icinga and Nagios. A very flexible configuration of the Monitoring solution makes it very scalable when using a multi-tier cluster – the so-called master-satellite model. So the solution fits very well and easily from very small infrastructures with a few dozen hosts to huge ones – with several thousand. For particularly large environments, icinga2 offers excellent possibilities for automation when setting up icinga2 agents on the hosts and when integrating the hosts into the monitoring system.

All of your organization’s IT resources can be monitored with this openly designed system. Icinga 2 notifies users in case of failure, recovery, generates trend analyses and reports of your measurement data.

Dexor & Icinga2

Our Services

  • Full deployment of an open-source monitoring solution (icinga2)
  • Support and optimization of the existing monitoring system (icinga2/Nagios)
  • Support for the conversion of the existing monitoring system to icinga2
  • Staff Training Icinga Fundamentals and Icinga Advanced (online and on-site)
  • Performance optimization of your servers (via log monitoring, stress tests)
  • Server monitoring (analysis, alarms, integration in NMS)
  • VMWare Monitoring (VMWare Perl SDK)
  • Monitoring installed software.
  • Automatic trend analysis and reports
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