Administration and Development

Dexor has a team of active and talented engineers, which have expertise in a wide range of technologies, programming languages for an outstanding administration and development of complex distributed applications.

Administration and Development of DataBases. Data is everything


  • PostgreSQL – universal relational database for 21st century. Supports different extensions for time-series, geo-spatial data and even graph extension
  • MariaDB – open source fork of MySQL with descent clustering support
  • MySQL – state-of-the art relational database with very long history. Time-tested and mature product
  • InfluxDB – modern solution for storing time-series data. It has wide integration and advanced query language making work with time-series data pleasant
  • Minio – opensource object storage with a rich variety of features and s3 interface
  • AWS S3 – a most popular proprietary object storage for general purpose
Dexor's expertise in Administration and Development with help of Databases. 
PostgreSQL, influxdb, MAriaDB, MySQL, Minio
Administration and Development by dexor using C/C++, Java, Go, Java script, python
Efficient mastery of applications


  • C/C++ – development of low level high-performance applications for the maximum efficiency of any requirements
  • Java – cross platform applications with a stable performance across all operating systems
  • Go – a modern way of implementation of micro-services for a perfect distributed application
  • Java Script – best choise for Web development including incredibly powerful frameworks
  • Python – The fastest development of application for every purpose
Administration and Development of Infrastructure as a code


  • Ansible – An incredible, python based administration automation tool without any agent on managed hosts
  • Puppet – A ruby based administration automation with an agent on managed hosts
  • Vagrant – Number one for quick roll out of virtual environment for development and testing purposes
  • SaltStack – Flexible agent-based configuration management with fast execution
Administration and Development of continuous integration / continuous delivery


  • Jenkins – A proven tool for any automation allows make any manipulation with a product.
  • GitLab – Git repository hosting and project management software with integrated CI/CD solution which can be easily self-hosted.
  • GitHub – A popular Git repository hosting for open-source software.
  • Bitbucket – Another Git repository hosting from Atlassian which integrates well in JIRA.
  • Travis CI – CI/CD solution for open-source projects which integrates with GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket.
Administration and Development of your application For containers


  • Docker – a well-known platform for running containerized software. Its philosophy is to run a single application in a single container
  • LXC – Linux containers is another solution for running software in isolated containers which is better suited to run full system containers, which can be seen as a lightweight virtual machine
Administration and Development of the infrastrucutre with famouse Orchestrators. Infrastructure at your fingertips


  • Kubernetes – a complex platform for deployment and management of containerized applications. It consist of many components and can manage every aspect of application deployment
  • Nomad – a generic task orchestration solution for running conventional and containerized applications. It is dedicated solely on scheduling, deployment and scaling, but can be integrated with other tools from HashiCorp Stack to provide a complex platform for application deployment
Administration and Development of Distributed applications and much more


  • Apache – a very mature and the most popular web server
  • Nginx – a very stable web server, which powers almost half of web
  • Traefik – a modern reverse proxy server for exposing web sites and applications using dynamic configuration providers without reload
  • Windows IIS – a complex web hosting solution for Windows platform
Administration of your virtual working environment


  • Libvirt – virtual machine (VM) management software for Linux servers. Supports QEMU/KVM and LXC virtualization technologies
  • Virtualbox – a cross-platform hypervisor and VM manager mainly for desktop, which supports Windows, MacOS and Linux (and its KVM)
  • KVM – a kernel-based virtual machine is a hypervisor built into a Linux kernel, which provides high-performance and low-overhead virtualization API
Administration of your digital post

Mail Systems

  • Postfix – a robust and secure mail transfer agent (MTA) and SMTP server developed by specialists in open-source security
  • Exim – one of the most popular MTA with complex but flexible configuration
  • ClamAV – the most popular open-source mail-gateway scanning and spam filtering software
  • Dovecot – a secure and mature IMAP server suitable for any scale
Administration and Development of any environment to suit all tastes

Operating Systems

  • FreeBSD – A very stable OS with an outstandingly efficient networking part
  • Linux Mint – A lite deb-based distributive for both beginners and professionals
  • RedHat – An enterprise Linux edition for a solid environment
  • Arch Linux – Highly customizable distributive for those who exactly knows requirements for the environment
  • Fedora – A distribution with a high concentration of the latest packages
  • Ubuntu – The most widely used deb-based distributive with everything is need for a quick start
  • Microsoft Windows – The most spread proprietary operating system for all: home, professional and server use
Administration and Development INFRASTRCUCTURE ON A LOW LEVEL


  • LDAP – network identity of users incl. active directory
  • DHCP – management of IP addresses in the network – planning of networks
  • DNS – configuring own and managing existing domain name servers
  • FTP – classical approach for file exchange
  • VPN – private networks to secure the digital life – IPsec, OpenVPN, WireGuard and many more

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