Attacks on your company’s IT environment can quickly cause major damage. They are usually aimed at spying on internal company data and can disrupt the availability of your IT systems and cause serious damage to your company.

Our experienced IT experts perform a security audit – an independent assessment of your security systems. Based on the results, recommendations are developed to improve IT security.

Our IT security services consist of:

  • Security Audit of Web Applications and Network Architecture
  • Penetration Testing – We test their system components and applications using tools and methods that an attacker would use to gain unauthorized entry into the system.
  • Forensic Analysis – if an incident or burglary has already occurred, analyze the intervention and secure evidence and assess or minimize the consequences of the burglary.

Our top priority, however, remains to detect and defend against attacks and threats at the earliest possible stage. We configure your firewall in such a way that you are protected in the best possible way at all times. In addition, we offer you:

  • Firewall solutions: Packet filtering, content filtering, application level gateways.
  • Firewall-Lösungen: Paketfilter, Content-Filtering, Applikation Level Gateways
  • VPN connections
  • Network-based antivirus/spam filtering solutions