We help you maintain and optimize your IT systems so that your data is secure and your software is always up to date. We monitor your company’s IT resources and notify you immediately if errors occur. In addition, we generate trend analyses and support you in restoring your resources in the event of an error.

As tools for IT monitoring, we use Nagios or Icinga2.

We offer the following services:

  • Performance optimization of your servers (via log monitoring, stress tests)
  • Server Monitoring (analysis, alarms, integration in NMS like Icinga2, Grafana, Cacti)
  • VMWare Monitoring (VMWare Perl SDK)
  • Monitoring installed software
  • Automatic trend analysis and reports

If your data is to be migrated, we organize this together with you. In the process we offer you:

  • Backup solutions, storage/raid management.
  • Server migration
  • Hardware replacement, mass rollouts.

If you have problems with the current performance of your database, we optimize their database systems and organize database management (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB).

Our service provides you with the best possible infrastructure for your business and ensures minimal downtime for your systems.