icinga2 Advanced Online Training

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Icinga2 Advanced Online Training 11.09-13.09

small group

3 -days of training in a small online group (3 to 10 people)

original handouts

Original training materials from Icinga2 team

remote environment

Access to the preinstalled remote environment


An official certificate from Icinga

Content of icinga2 advanced online training

An introduction and Recap

  • Introduction to (availability) monitoring and the Icinga project
  • Historical development of Icinga
  • Recap of Icinga basics

Advanced Maintenance and Integration

  • Director Import based on SQL, LDAP, and structured files
  • Icinga Web authentication and authorization added LDAP
  • Advanced notifications
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting

Scaling and Automation

  • High availability with a Multi-Master setup
  • Distributed monitoring with Satellites and Agents
  • Automated deployment
  • Icinga 2 API
  • Advanced configuration with Apply For Rules and

Modules and Extensions

  • Graphing with Graphite and InfluxDB in combination with Grafana
  • Hands-on the Map and the Cube module
  • Icinga Reporting
  • Virtualization monitoring for VMware platforms
  • Visualization with NagVis and Meerkat
  • Certificate monitoring with the x509 module


IT staff at all management levels who want to get professional skills in monitoring with open-source tools. System administrators, IT security specialists, and project managers.




1750,00 € excl. VAT (discounts in case of multiple attendees available)


The Icinga Advanced course is dedicated to Icinga and Nagios users who have already acquired monitoring basics and would like to deepen their skills in the new configuration format. Participation in the Icinga Fundamental course is not strictly required but is highly recommended.

Dates and Time

11.09.2023 – 13.09.2023 (09:00 – 17:00 CEST)

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